Similarity Checker

Why Do You Need a Copy Checker?

copied textUsing copied text within your writing will leave you open to being accused of plagiarism or copying. Using our similarity checker can help you to avoid this, after all submitting plagiarized material can have some pretty severe penalties. Almost all institutions will treat copying very seriously and you can easily be removed from your studies for doing it. So being able to identify where you may have accidentally copied information or failed to paraphrase something effectively is very important.

Our plagiat detector is able to scan your work fully and accurately against all of the information stored online to confirm that your writing is unique to you. If it does identify any text that is similar to yours then it will be highlighted allowing you to make changes. Either by rewriting it or providing a proper citation to show that it is a quote. With the ease of copying and the availability of so much information, online many institutions today will regularly check writing to make sure that it is original using software such as Turnitin.
As MIT reminds us:

“Academic writing is a challenge. It demands that you build on work done by others but create something original from it. By acknowledging where you have used the ideas, work, or words of others, you maintain your academic integrity and uphold the standards of the Institute and of the discipline in which you work.”

How to Make Sure Your Own Writing Is Original

give creditCorrecting issues can be hard work, often it is best to avoid issues in the first place within your writing so that you can be confident that your own work will be totally unique. This, however, is not always as simple as it may see as often you will have to spend time reviewing and referring to work of other researchers. If you refer to their work whether in their own words or on your own you will still need to provide a citation to your writing to give credit. Taking credit for another’s words or ideas will be seen as plagiarism.

The following tips will help you to avoid falling foul of your tutor’s plagiarism scanner:
  • Familiarize yourself with what constitutes plagiarism so that you know what you have to avoid. When you use others ideas, even if you have not used their original words still provide a citation. If you do use their words ensure that they are within quotation marks as well as cited.
  • When you do your research make it clear within your own notes if what you have recorded is a direct quote or a paraphrased version of what has been written.
  • When you copy information into your writing from another source to change later, do so in another color so that you do not forget to go back to it and rewrite it.
  • Do not blatantly copy thinking that you may just get away with it; the risks are to great if you are caught so do not leave anything to chance.
  • Check your writing using our similarity checker so that you can be sure your work is unique.

The Benefits of Using Our Similarity Checker

tutorOur similarity detection and grammar check website will provide you with a quick and easy check of your writing that will identify any possible plagiarism within your work. Using our essay checker and corrector will help you to submit writing that will always be totally original as well as being free from any issues. By using our tool you can be sure that you are not going to encounter any issues with your writing once it has been submitted to your tutor.

There are many different benefits to using our plagiarism scanner:

  • It is totally free for you to use
  • There is no registration or downloads to make
  • Our website is available from anywhere in the world 24/7
  • There are no limits on the number of times that you can use our tool
  • It is totally accurate and simple to use; simply post in your text and click “Go”

Make sure that you always submit unique and plagiarism free writing with the help of our professional and highly accurate similarity checker online.